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    Hello WHT Community,

    ReliableCore provides many different web hosting services in the US and UK.
    We have three available payment methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer and Western Union, so you can pay for our services from all around the world.
    Our professional in-house support team is available Mon-Fri, 09:00 - 17:00 (CET), while our emergency staff is always online.


    Included with each VPS:
    1 IP Address
    IPv6 on request
    Premium Network
    FREE setup

    x IRC/IRCD/BOTS are not allowed.

    Micro VPS
    CPU: 2GHz
    Memory/Burst: 512MB/1GB
    Hard Drive: 20GB
    Premium Bandwidth: 2000GB
    Port Speed: Gigabit
    $25.00 or $21.25 with coupon "15OFF"

    Novice VPS
    CPU: 2.5GHz
    Memory/Burst: 1GB/2GB
    Hard Drive: 50GB
    Premium Bandwidth: 2000GB
    Port Speed: Gigabit
    $45.00 or $38.25 with coupon "15OFF"

    Intermediate VPS
    CPU: 3GHz
    Memory/Burst: 1.5GB/3GB
    Hard Drive: 100gb
    Premium Bandwidth: 4000GB
    Port Speed: Gigabit
    $65.00 or $55.25 with coupon "15OFF"

    Professional VPS
    CPU: 4.5GHz
    Memory/Burst: 3GB/6GB
    Hard Drive: 200GB
    Premium Bandwidth: 6000GB
    Port Speed: Gigabit
    $115.00 or $97.75 with coupon "15OFF"

    Available Operating Systems:
    • CentOS 6
    • CentOS 5
    • Debian 6
    • Debian 5
    • Ubuntu 11
    • Ubuntu 12
    • If your OS isn't on this list, please contact us and our team will assist you.

    Contacting ReliableCore
    You can contact us either by sending us an e-mail or by opening a ticket on our website. Our friendly staff will be more than glad to answer your questions.
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