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    100TB / Midphase Billing

    Hey all. If you host with 100TB or Midphase you should really check both your invoices and what they are charging.

    I noticed that we were charged almost double and it really appears that they double billed for November.

    I did speak to a billing person and they explained it was because they were "in process of prorating all services to the date range of the 17th 16th of the month".

    However we were already billed for that period the prior month and she didn't seem to care and became pretty dismissive and resentful that I would ask to have this looked at. Obvious I am not the only one complaining about this. I asked for a manager but was told that non were available and that I would get an email response. Not really acceptable customer service, hence my posting here.

    This is all pretty surprising since we've been a long time 100TB customer and they've been pretty well run and very customer focused.

    If there is a manager monitoring please reach out because I'd like some answers.

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    Did you ask for a manager over the phone? It may be better to submit a ticket.

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    Yes I did ask to be transferred to a manager and we opened the billing issue with a ticket.

    The billing rep (name currently withheld) stated non were available and that it "wouldn't matter anyway, I already told you that it was pro-rated"...

    Didn't seem to care that we already paid that period on the previous month's service. She also didn't really want to give me a manager's name, and only told me a first name when I REALLY PRESSED.

    Again very surprising from a customer service point of view. She was obviously annoyed that I would question this and stonewalled all my questions. Not what I came to expect from 100TB.

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    Looking into this now... this is unacceptable and clients have the right to escalation.

    We are customer focused and have been for a long time like you mentioned, I'm investigating this right away and taking this matter very seriously, especially the point about customer service.

    We pro-rated people for some useful reasons and all clients received an e-mail about it but I'm going to look into this right away and speaking to the teams. If you could PM me a ticket number specifically that would help.

    Sorry for your experience with the teams and know I'm all over this right now.

    General Manager, 100TB -> 21 Datacenter Locations

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    Thanks Tom for the quick pickup. Only posted here because I was striking out on valid real people to contact on Linkedin.

    You should be able to look up my info and I'll DM you with my private contact details.

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