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    minimizing phishing sites

    I have had an issue in the past couple days I use maxmind as my fraud detector and I have had two sites in the last 24 hours be phishing sites. I don't know why I have the issue. As soon as I found out I immediately suspended the accounts. The thing is they were created on different days with different ip address' They paid with a credit card and not paypal. How can I minimize the issue? Thank you

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    Fighting with abusive clients is a challenge. Probably you attracted scammers.

    To resolve this, you would need to disable instant accounts activation. So you can verify user information, Spamhaus/Stop Forum Spam databasees etc.
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    Ok, I will fix this I don't really Understand How I attracted scammers. I hope that removing the ones that ended up there will fix that.

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    Hi guys,
    Unfortunatelly there will be always cybercriminals around developing more and more soffisticated ways to "do their business".
    Even if you take security measures to protect the servers, most end users don't really understand how vulnerable they are and since it's just impossible to ispect wthe whole web for all kinds of fraud and cybercrime, those criminals just feel free to do whatever they want.

    I believe the problem goes way further than just protecting servers, but the way internet works nowadays, we would need a global effort and standard procedures for that to really work.

    I believe one way of improving that is by having the ISP and Webhosts work closely with government and private cyber security companies by improving responsiveness to fraud issues.

    I tell you that because I work for a company which deals with all kinds of cybercrime and Fraud is a big part of that.

    One of the main problems we have is that after detecting a problem, we contact the provider but in most cases it takes too long for them to act. The more tame it takes to take them down, more money they make and the more money they make, more frauds they will do.

    We understand that in some cases there are lots of tickets received everyday for abuse problems that need to be analysed, but if we had a better relationship between the ISP and the ones detecting fraud for quick response, it would not solve the problem for good, but it could help quite a lot.

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