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    Smile Black Friday Deal Review

    Preface - I have been using three KVM VPS's on the low end spectrum. I do not run any mission critical applications where uptime is
    important. Simply a hobby server for me. I like to mess around with them.

    Fast forward to the week of Black Friday. I was looking to see if any providers had good deals on dedicated servers, low end spectrum since I am on a soft budget. I come across Delimiter and see a great deal:

    HP BL460C Dual X5150, 16GB, 500GB - $20/mo(ONLY 6 units available)
    * 2 x Dual Core 5150 Xeon
    * 16GB RAM
    * 500GB Disk
    * 1 IP Address
    * Hardware RAID Controller
    * Dedicated KVM (HP Lights Out) with full graphical KVM, virtual media
    * Dedicated Power control (power on/off/reset as required)
    * 5TB Bandwidth
    * OS: Linux, Windows (you provide the license)
    * Gigabit port
    30/month paid monthly.

    What I really appreciate about this is the HP Lights Out IPMI. I hate paying for hands on time and like the feel that KVM VPS's provided in terms of controls. So I sign up with them. This was Sunday of the week following Black Friday. There was a lag between setup time, as they said 1-3 days, but actually took until 11 PM Friday to give me details. Received details and logged in to the HP Lights Out Management system. Ran into some issues loading remote media through OSX, so I had to resort to my Windows virtual machine (not a Delimiter problem, of course). I was able to load Windows Server 2008 R2 onto my server (albeit extremely slow due to having to upload it as it loads, later finding out they could have mounted it for me). Fast forward about a couple weeks later. Support is very good, they're knowledgeable and insightful. They can take some time to respond, but if you catch them on their on time, it's definitely quick. It's un-managed, so the only time you should be contact them is if you can't KVM into the server, there's connectivity issues, or there is a billing issue. Connectivity seems well, have not been able to track down who they peer to but it's fast enough that I have not had any problems. For me, it's a full service center being able to have a dedicated KVM management center.

    So far, so good. I know they have had a rough past, but for $30/month, I really cannot complain at all. A steal if you ask me.

    Currently being used for some Minecraft servers and Plex Media Streaming.

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    What an offer well done you, it looks like another happy client from their black Friday deal.

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