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    Cannot email to certain accounts on server.

    Will be taking over a hosting account and created the account on the server so long but have not changed DNS yet. The domain is still hosted with another host and my emails to that domain is returned undelivered and it seems that it is because an account for that domain exist on the same server (although not active yet) as the one I am sending from, although the DNS points to where the domain is currently hosted.

    With another account the site is hosted on our server but the emails accounts are hosted with Microsoft Exchange. Emails from accounts on the same server are returned undelivered, the client cannot email us from their MS Exchange hosted email accounts. Web forms e.g. Contact Us are also not delivered.

    Server: Centos, WHM, VPS.

    All other email accounts on the server works fine.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    This is because your mail server is trying to deliver mail locally to the domain as it must be set-up. You can either delete the domain from your mail server and DNS records (as you mail server may be looking up local DNS as well) or create a smart route on the SMTP server to deliver all mail for that domain to an external address.
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    When managing DNS using WHM you can choose Remote Mail Exchanger as one of the options, instead of Automatically Configure. That's what you're looking for.
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    Thank you AndyGambles and keliix06, that explained the cause and solved it.
    WHM: DNS Functions, Edit DNS Zone, select account, choose Remote Mail Exchanger.

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