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    Inactive domains

    So I was checking out a few domain names I was interested in and they have been registered for mutiple years (e.g. since 2005) and when you open the domain names they aren't even setup to point to anything. They still use the register's name server.

    Anyone else think this should be against ICAN rules? Basically inactive domains that don't even point to a valid site or even have name servers should be taken back and put back on the market for people to register.

    It's not like they bought these domains to protect their intellectual property as they don't have anything associated with the domains nor own the other TLD with the same domain name.

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    Well this is how the market works - if you want something and have enough funds to buy it, you can have it. If someone has to judge if any single domain is used or not "properly" like you suggested, it would not be feasible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Goat View Post
    Anyone else think this should be against ICAN rules?
    Lots of people have thought that for at least eight years and counting.

    That can also be said of pretty much everything we possess (e.g. valuable painting, empty land, beautiful car) that's idle and maybe desired by someone else.

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    I understand your frustration, but like many others here (I'd guess), we all have a handful of domains we haven't yet used for something. Many of mine are planned projects I simply don't have time to develop.

    I'd also mention; just because you want a domain you were too late to register is no cause to demand they're released, and no guarantee they'd be released to you. Odds are they'd get snapped up by someone else...who would then sit on them.
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    Just because there isn't a web site doesn't mean that the domain name isn't active.

    It could be in use for email, for example. Or there could be content on it, but not under www.[domain]

    And what makes you think a domain name is inactive just because it is delegated to the registrar's name server? Most registrars offer DNS hosting.

    I have a domain name that I use for nothing except personal email. Should I have to give it up?

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