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    Cpanel web disk too slow

    We've got a client who is insisting on using cpanel web disk. We've helped him configure on windows and have done one for ourselves. The problem we're facing is the very slow transfer rate.

    While usig FTP we get great speeds of up to 10 MB/s, through the web disk option the speed doesn't go over 10 KB/s . It's exactly the same for us and the client. We're using different ISP's so it's not that. Does anyone have any idea of what can be the cause?

    Is there any third party software that can use this feature and doesn't work through PHP ( the client has largefiles to upload )?

    The main thing is that he wants to have a network folder, not use an FTP/SCP client. We're both using Windows 7.


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    Depending upon your operating system version simply map a drive to a folder on your desktop. You can select a folder (such as /public_html) if you wish as well.

    Instructions for various op systems:

    Have fun!
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    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I already tried the"Map network drive" option, as described in Cpanel, but that is the one which is very slow. Any other option ?

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    1) Try mapping a network drive via Windows instead of using the cPanel utility.

    2) Try one of these programs:
    There is a 3rd one out there that I have used in the past but I don't remember the name (find it somewhere on

    3) If your current setup is working but just slow, try toggling from active to passive mode or passive to active.

    Good luck !!
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    How would I change from active to passive on a mapped network drive ?

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    We use netdrive.

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