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    5.5 Years w/ Peer1/ServerBeach Review

    I've been hosting medium traffic gaming sites for over a decade now, never having spent more than a year with a provider. With Peer1 colo that trend finally ended. After 1.5 years of great Peer1 service I migrated to dedicated with Serverbeach.

    I recently had three of my four servers die on my within several days of each other. It had the potential to be a catastrophic event, but ServerBeach handled it very well. My customer advocate was proactive and contacted me before I contacted them (I was alseep when the failures began) and already had a comparable system ready for me to approve. I had access to my old server's data via a new machine with my old drive attached via USB within 24 hours. What's most impressive is that the majority of the server setup and phone calls with tech support took place in the wee hours of the morning.

    I'd like to thank specifically Michael (customer advocate), Hector (NOC), and Casey (Virginia technician). They were instrumental in getting my services back up and running efficiently.

    My Review:
    Network 10/10 (arguably the best there is)
    Service 10/10
    Sales 10/10

    I also have a virtual server on their Toronto cloud (mcc option). The price is a bit prohibitive and I haven't used it long enough to comment on anything other than it's on the same great network. User panel is awesome.
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    that is how customer service should be handled! Great job

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