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    Need an offshore VPS. Any good ones ?

    I need an offshore VPS and I want one in Europe as Asia and further are not good for me as my traffic is the most from USA and then Europe.

    Currenty I'm on the hosting in USA, but recently due to some DMCA Complaints i need to move from there. I asked all the biggest companies to confirm that. Weird thing is I do serve adsense for 5 years on my site, so if my site has illegal content adsense would ban my account.

    I run a football website where i collect football highlights from youtube /Dailymotion . Those videos have embed codes. Weird.

    Anyway I want a reliable host , if possible Xen is my first choice.

    Ram : minimum 2 gb
    Disk : Minimum 30 GB
    Bandwith : 500 gb is enough
    Fully managed

    Budget = 60$

    Can anyone recommend some good ones ?

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    2,070 is a good choice for managed vps or

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    Quote Originally Posted by ServerSub View Post is a good choice for managed vps or

    Wiredtree is not an option. I asked them about DMCA issues i have. As do knownhost,futurehosting and so , really a lot of them which i found here.

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    Do you have a specific country in mind?

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    Not really, Europe England, Germany, Netherlands..that part of the Europe

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    Try , they simply "ignore" dmca complaint

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