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    Review Hosting Website

    Hello WHT!

    Today we have updated our website and need feedback, including our client area.

    Our main site link is -
    Please let us know what you think and what needs changing including a 1-10 rating.

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    Maybe add some shadow to the white images & text on the yellow background, except that, looking great PAV. 9/10

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    Logo looks good, design looks good and it seem pretty fast to load. One thing i would say is the footer it does not look organized.

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    I have with them for almost 1 year but i have to leave them.

    1. Supports are slow - Slow in answering tickets whenever there is problem. Silence without telling you the status.
    2. Jonanthan is the only one who works. The rest support is useless who can't help you resolve matter.

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    Overall site design looks great..professional
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    Quote Originally Posted by LankapartnerHost View Post
    Overall site design looks great..professional
    site looks great but useless, many support tickets were opened due to many issues and responses were very slow.

    may take more than 24 hours to reply you.

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    Overall design is quite easy on the eye, I would give it at least 8.5/10

    Some things I can add:
    - the About Us page is very boring (I don't know what's with me and About Us pages but I've browsed through thousands and still see a majority of them with plain text, corporate talk and no engagement). Especially for a site with a small number of sections, you would want each section to show how great you are. Add visuals, be compelling, be friendly and really show what you are all about.
    - I would personally move the Promotions section on the Main Menu Bar, you want it to receive more exposure and get an attention right from the get-go

    Apart from that it does look very nice where Service always comes with a smiling face!
    Contact us for Shared, VPS, Reseller and Dedicated Hosting Solutions.

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    I like it!
    I would recommend removing the plain text email though, the contact form is enough and you avoid the spam at the same time.

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