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Thread: VPS with whm?

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    VPS with whm?

    Hi, does anyone know of any decently priced hosting companies that sell vps servers with whm/cpanel installed?

    My host recently closed it's doors unexpectedly and I'm trying to find a nice new home. :}


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    You can get your new host to install it for you if you have a managed vps, some hosts have the special Centos template which installs cPanel as-well by default. As long as you have a license it will be registered.

    You can buy cPanel from or I've used both in the past and both are reliable.

    I recommend FreshRostedHosting for a VPS, I currently have a VPS with them. Good luck.
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    I've used HudsonValleyHost for VPS before. They're fairly competitive pricing wise and their service is pretty reliable, support was always responsive especially on high priority tickets. They're managed VPS comes with cPanel/WHM installed.

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    There are lots of VPS provider who sells fully managed VPS with cPanel / WHM. Check VPS offer section.

    BTW, what is your budget and any preferred location??
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    hi bud, the future hosting company has great vps managed vps with cpanel/whm installed. Also check out the vps ads on this forum board. Good luck with your find.

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    Since I can only comment on hosts that I have personally used, I can give my full recommendation to KnownHost. These guys know their stuff & answer tickets in as little as 2 minutes. I also used Wiredtree for some time but I didn't get the same level of service that I received at KnownHost. What I think gives KnownHost the edge is their "best effort" support for third party modules. There have been so many times when I have asked them for help on a third party module and they were able to figure it out. At WiredTree, I felt like they were a lot more dismissive and didn't really give much of an effort, just brushing it off as a third party module.

    Sorry... this has turned into a mini-review. Basically KnownHost and WiredTree are both good but KnownHost is a little bit better in my experience.

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    You'll need a license which is a small monthly fee.

    Most managed VPS come with cPanel and WHM already installed just needed to be optimized and configure to the web masters preferences. On the other hand for un-managed services I believe they have a option for you to either pay a small fee of theirs that range from $8 to $20 monthly or what ever. Or you can go to license pal and purchase a license from there or you can go directly to cPanel and purchase it from them.

    Most providers either have license for sale or offer it in the price with the service. But overall you can install it easy with a couple of commands in ssh. There's also scripts that install and can do all the work for you.

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    For cPanel/WHM most providers will charge $12-$15; the exact price varies based on the provider. So, for a decent VPS with cPanel, you will have to pay at least $20 / month. We use(d) Hudsonvalley, remcom, netcloud and ideastack for many purposes and all of them have competing prices. But idestack VPS wasn't good; so I cannot suggest them.

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    I am using Sparknode and Hawkhost for cPanel VPS hosting and both are great.

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    I highly recommend VPSLatch(.net) and WiredTree(.com). I current have a VPS with both companies and have never had any problems. They work with me, have quick support, and are knowledgeable. Plus, their prices are great!

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