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    * Should I get an 8 inch or 10 inch tablet?

    I cannot make up mind mind between getting this tablet or this one

    What do you guys think? I have never owned a tablet before and will be using it to surf the web, watch youtube, do emails and also need to open/view excel spreadsheets.

    From past experience all I know is that when I get an electronic device such as cell phone I ALWAYS end up wanting it to be bigger! For example, I recently bought the samsung galaxy note 3 cell phone (thought it was huge), but now wish it was bigger. FANTASTIC phone by the way, I only have to charge it every other day which is crazy!!!

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    I just had to make that same exact decision and opted for the 10 inch. I just like the bigger screen. Web Hosting You'll Brag About!
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    I see, ya it seems it might be safer for me to go big, because I always end up wanting the bigger screen

    Anyone else here prefer the 8 inch over the 10 inch? Also, anyone here ever open excel spreadsheets on the tablet? I HOPE it displays it correctly just like a desktop? As during business meetings I need to be able to view speadsheets.


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    The main difference I see is with toting it around. Obviously the 8in is smaller, so not as much to carry. But the 10in screen is nicer in the end. If you're just using it around the house, go 10!
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    I was also going to bring it to business meetings as we need to show excel spread sheets on it, so I guess 10 inch would be best.

    Looks like 10 inch is winning and it's really not that much more expensive

    For some strange reason the 7 inch was so much heavier than the 8 inch and thicker! I almost got the 7 inch but after seeing how much thinner and light weight the 8 inch was I said noway! Now I'm going up to a 10 it seems.

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    depends if weight is a concern for you.

    if it isn't, then you should go for a 10 inch one because you can see more, and the touchscreen keyboard will be easier to touch.

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    I have a Galaxy Tab 7 as well as a Dell Venue 10 w/ windows 8. The Dell is much faster, but I prefer the smaller screen. The keyboard is easier to use on the 7 imo. When I try to use the Venue 10, I just get on the laptop. Its good for the kids though, they like swiping things around and playing games.
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    I think bigger screen is better

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    I don't really get why people are buying these useless android tablets. You can't do real work on them, best - read mail or browse the web.

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    i like the 10 inch tablets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frosty View Post
    Also, anyone here ever open excel spreadsheets on the tablet? I HOPE it displays it correctly just like a desktop? As during business meetings I need to be able to view speadsheets.

    I have a Dell Latitude 10 (Windows tablet, 10") which is perfect for this.

    I would suggest 10", but if you are going to be working with Office documents, you should really consider a Windows tablet - you'll get a much better experience and not have to worry about formatting issues etc.

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    By the looks of it, the Galaxy Tab 8 has 1.5GB RAM compared to the Tab 10 which has 1GB RAM. Based on that alone, I personally would go for the Tab 8.. Seeing as my Galaxy S3 slows down a fair bit when I'm at high RAM usage.

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    My screen can never be big enough. I would go with the 10' if all of the other specifications are the same. - Reliable Shared, Reseller, and KVM VPS Hosting Services.
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    For the 10inch, it will be beneficial to you. Because if you yould like to control your services on mobile, it will let you more space and easy to handle.

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    vex76, people get an android tablet for same reason people get ipads. . . . it is for playing and I would much rather play on an android than an ipad any day because I am NOT an apple fan whatsoever. It's also great to have when needing to show presentations in business meetings etc.

    The android tab I wanted to get was this one with 3 gig ram: Available in these different models:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 SM-P600 Wi-Fi
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 SM-P601 3G
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 SM-P605 3G+LTE
    SM-P600 model has no support for GSM voice communication, SMS, and MMS.

    I am confused as to what is the difference between the models?? I called at&t to try to clear it up but still confused!?!? I need to buy the device because it has 2 yr contract with at&t and someone prepaid the service for me as gift. All I need to do now is buy the device.

    Now I am having also second thoughts on even getting an android tab. Since It is a lot of money $600 and it would really be mostly for play and to show excel spreadsheets during meetings. Now I'm conflicted whether I should get a windows tab instead instead of android tablet?

    I will also be getting a windows 7 notepad (to replace my old broken lap top), the tablet was just supposed to be something lighter in weight to bring to meetings and is also more comfortable to play with when on a plan for example. Otherwise I have to agree that android tablets are not really useful?
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    In My Opinion The Bigger the BETTER!
    lol but that's just me!

    I've used the Samsung note 3 (7inch) didn't like it
    Had the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (which was amazing) but not productive enough (treated it more like a toy)

    Now I have the Surface, And I actually use it.

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    Do you know if you can install and use windows 7 pro on the surface rather than windows 8?

    EDIT: sorry please disregard this post.

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    I'll go with the Galaxy Note 10.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frosty View Post

    Do you know if you can install and use windows 7 pro on the surface rather than windows 8?

    EDIT: sorry please disregard this post.
    I know you said disregard but I thought I'd comment generally.

    The Surface uses ARM Chips which isn't compatible with x86 OS (windows, etc)and used a custom version of Windows- The RT.

    If you was to purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro I'm sure you could treat it like an ultrabook.

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    i prefer 10 cuse you have large screen and it give complete access to tablet and it's comftable for you

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    to carry around a 8", for office or home use a 10"

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    If you already have the note 3 I would say 10" tablet. Seems wasteful to get an 8.
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