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    Google XML Sitemap Generator Automation Stopped Working - WordPress

    I noticed on scanning Webmaster tools that my sitemap is continually failing unless it is rebuilt manually, in which case it works fine.

    After that, as soon as any update is made to a post and automation of it begins, it fails again with this message:

    The last run didn't finish! Maybe you can raise the memory or time limit for PHP scripts. Learn more

    The last known memory usage of the script was 111.75MB, the limit of your server is 256M.

    The last known execution time of the script was 35.02 seconds, the limit of your server is 600 seconds.

    The memory limit in php.ini is 128M and max _execution time to 60 seconds. Both should be more than sufficient.

    Any ideas?

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    What plugin are you using?

    You might want to try "WordPress SEO by Yoast" for xml generator and let Google and Bing know about it.

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