Swiftway, a leading International business cloud provider (http://www.swiftway.net) that is known for its excellent support and services can manage your network for you.

Our 24/7 NOC team can manage your network. Contact us for details.
We have extensive experience with routers and switches from:

- Cisco
- Juniper
- Vyatta
- Brocade / Foundry
- HP

We can also setup and manage various open-source router packages like for example Quagga.
Our NOC staff have a wide range of certifications including JNCIS, JNCIA, CCNP and CCIE
We can design, implement and manage you network.
As a RIPE LIR, we can also arrange IP space and the ASN for your network.

SLA network management

Our NOC to install and maintain your network (routers, switches).
Contract term 12 months
Includes network monitoring by our NOC and based on your instructions proactive or reactive management.

NETWORK PACKAGE1 Euro 250,- / month
Guaranteed Response time: Best effort
Included time: 30 minutes
Extra time EUR 100,00 per hour during office hours / EUR 150,00 Outside office hours

NETWORK PACKAGE2 Euro 350,- / month
Guaranteed Response time: 12 hours
Included time 60 min / month
Extra time EUR 100,00 per hour during office hours / EUR 150,00 Outside office hours

NETWORK PACKAGE3 Euro 450,- / month
Guaranteed Response time: 4 hours
Included time 90 min / month
Extra time EUR 100,00 per hour during office hours / EUR 150,00 Outside office hours

NETWORK PACKAGE4 Euro 650,- / month
Guaranteed Response time: 1 hour
Included time 180 min / month
Extra time EUR 80,00 per hour during office hours / EUR 130,00 Outside office hours

NETWORK PACKAGE5 Euro 900,- / month
Guaranteed Response time: 15 minutes
Included time 180 min / month
Extra time EUR 70,00 per hour during office hours / EUR 110,00 Outside office hours

Why let Swiftway manage your network?

Our NOC staffed 24/7 with qualified and certified network engineers that each have over 10 years of real life network management experience. We employ only the best of the best.


We also sell bandwidth for most carriers worldwide. Including but not limited to:
NTT , Cogent, TINET, Nlayer, HE.net, Level3, Telia

Why buy bandwidth trough Swiftway?

Many end users and providers alike will find that dealing directly with carriers and bandwidth providers can be very troublesome, slow and relatively expensive. We can help you to get the best prices from these carriers worldwide.
Swiftway and our partners already commit to large volumes of bandwidth from various carriers in worldwide locations. Use our purchasing power to get the best deals available.

Swiftway is a business Internet provider of turn key Internet services based in Europe, the USA and Asia. These services include cloud, CDN, server management, colocation and dedicated servers. The company has been in continuous operation since 2003 and offers its services to demanding firms in over 50 countries the world over.
More about Swiftway

Our website: http://www.swiftway.net
WHT wiki: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/wiki/Swiftway
Mailto [email protected] for questions, orders or details.
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Contact Swiftway:

Mail: [email protected]
Phone: 0048 8574 1111 0 8:00 - 16:00 CET
Customers will have access to a 24/7 emergency phone number.