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    Question Payment merchant processors for special products

    Recently I got involved in a discussion about the options to sell Cuban cigars thru e-commerce solution.
    Main question which was heating up the discussion was the fact about using creditcard organizations to handle the payments.
    Especially when it comes to selling Cuban cigars to US based customers, which is due embargo's prohibit.
    What is your opinion about this. Internet en e-Commerce is boundlessness, but politics is prohibiting to sell this kind of goods globally.
    Should this be A. be ignored and B. what kind of solution did you use to solve this kind of matters.
    Seeing forward to your replies.

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    Well, when you are the seller obviously you will not be registered as such in US. If the country of residence of your company allows Cuban cigars to be sell you will be able to receive payments via whatever money system. Further your US customers will have issues how to pay legally (and in this matter how you will keep your accounting) and how to receive their products (which also may be your concern as well (I am not aware myself if it is legal to import this product in US)).

    Best advice here would be to contact any consultancy operating in US.

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    Anything that can be smoked cannot be sold.

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    I don't think you can legally sell those to be shipped to the US. Sure the Internet is global, but now you're shipping a physical good in to a country that doesn't allow that physical good, and selling it using a currency controlled by that country.

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    I think that you need to find another market for those goods. I suppose no one will order the goods which are forbidden in certain region. No reason to buy something what can't be shipped.

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    BTW- it isn't payment you should be worried about first, if you're so set on selling these.

    Worry about customs first. You can't get those past the US Customs/Border control.

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