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    Amazon cost


    New in business so i hope to get some information here. Already thank you very much for your kind help.

    This is theoretical question:

    I have a site with 2000 pages which are all seperatly 1mb size. So 2000mb. Each day i have 4000 visitors on the site which watch 2 pages each.

    So now i am wondering what do i need to take from amazon ec2? and how much will it cost me monthly with these figures (visitors and pagesize)?


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    After looking at your requirement i believe you shouldn't go for Amazon EC2, as it will cost you little higher. Buy a dedicated sever as per your budget from "single hop". They are very Good in service, Communication and support.

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    That'd use up about 240GB of bandwidth a month, so assuming one of Amazon's micro instances you're looking at something in the region of $50 per month.

    Is your site static or dynamic? If it's all plain HTML files and such, virtually any shared host or even a CDN that supports on-CDN storage (if you want geographical targetting) would be a better choice.

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    It are all static pages.

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    I've used both Amazon Web Services and Storm Server for my business and they are both excellent.

    For your case I would recommend going with Storm Server with 5 cents per GB of bandwidth per month. With AWS you pay 12 cents per GB.

    With storm you can also run WHM/cPanel and make your life easy. With AWS, you're pretty much on your own. Gota be a geek figuring stuff out.

    All the best!
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