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    Question The best email app

    Hi all,

    I'd like to get some suggestions a bout the best email app to create emails @my company(dot)com because we found that Google cancelled their free service and we don't prefer cPanel emails.

    We hope to find a good mail system because we left google business app the last option.

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    Do you want the Windows based E-mail application that may help you to create a mail domain and the E-mail accounts [[email protected]] for the same?

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    What email service are you referring to @ Google, that you say they canceled?
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    I mean google apps is a paid service now and it costs 50$/year per user so I am asking for alternative.

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    I don't think there is really a best. It's more of a user preference really.

    We prefer hosting our own Emails so, if your looking for something you can stick on a dedicated server then keep reading else, exit .

    We use Zimbra on our mail server and it works great, provides calendar, inbox, tasks, tags etc.

    Additionally, you could look into OpenXchange or MS Exchange.

    Or if you want to be really old school and hip you can simply go get postfix & dovecot on your server, and an email client on your desktops and off you go.

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    You can try Not sure if it is paid or free... more information
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    +1 for Microsoft windows Live Domain.
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    Rackspace offers pretty good basic email (GREAT spam filtering) for $2/user/month. also offers a decent service though their prices are a bit higher I believe.

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