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    Question Michigan Proxy Data Center / Local Provider?


    We run multiple virtual machines with advertising accounts on each of them, such as Facebook and Adwords. We are expanding our marketing and need more accounts every day. However, we also need a new fresh proxy for each account.

    We are looking for a proxy / vpn service provider that can give us fresh Michigan proxies, or at minimum fresh ones that are located in the US.

    We have tried lots of online proxy providers that do not work with facebook or adwords, they simply block them right away because of either their ISP or their proxy history as they reuse them all the time.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions or can provide me with a solution.


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    The Michigan market is limited but it isn't too hard to find a few colo/dedicated providers, even in the offers here or the 'Hosted By' on this site (hint hint).

    I'm a little confused on what you're trying to accomplish. Why do you need a proxy for an adwords account? Are you trying to see if they are targeting effectively?

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    855 has a few VPN / proxy servers in Troy, Michigan.
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    If you are looking for colocation I highly recommend Managedway/Coloderoit.
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