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Thread: Static route

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    Static route


    I'm not familiar with network so i need help from expert here. I have two server using SLES 11.

    Server A
    Server B

    Our client have connection point-to-point to their data center. They want to remote server on their site. So need to do some routing. The use fortigate firewall. Server A and B need to send ftp file on their data center.

    Please assist me how to make static route using below diagram.


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    Can you explain a bit more. PTP what? (i.e. tunnel, VPN, direct fiber connection)

    So we are clear, you have:

    Server A -
    Router A -

    Server B -
    Router B - (Your router IP and server should be same subnet)

    I've never used fortigate before. What type of routers do you run?

    Essentially, if these routers have WAN/Internet associated then you need to setup a tunnel or VPN and connect the two networks. If the routers don't have WAN/Internet associated then you can statically route the networks together. But you need another interface to connect the routers together with.
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