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    How far can I get with as a re seller of Bluehost

    Ok it says Unlimited but I know there is a limit. I have about 25 customers now with no problems, but I plan on doing some marketing and I dont want to hit a wall that I cant see.
    Has anyone reached their limit with unlimited re-sller from Bluehost or any others?

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    My suggestion is to read their user agreement.
    6 1 d covers the disk space usage.
    In short 200,000 inode (files) various MySQL/PostgreSQL restrictions.

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    How much total disk space have you/your customers used in total so far?

    Most "unlimited" hosts usually limit the amount of server resources (cpu, memory, i/o, processes) allowed on a per account basis and the "limit" will be set when a certain account or website happens to take up the amount of resource it is allowed to use.

    If you're mostly hosting low traffic sites that don't use too much CPU or memory I'd say you have some ways to go, otherwise I would suggest finding a managed VPS if you expect a high growth rate in the near future so you don't run into any issues that the reseller account can cause

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    You will def. Maybe run and hit into a wall that you'll never see coming. I wouldn't stay with them any longer as if you do your keeping your site and clients in a bad environment that could go down or bad any way at any point. Right now you maybe able to stick with reseller for a couple more months what not depending on what your company's resources are. But once you see that you are just out growing any reseller then it means be happy because one your growing and second start looking for a VPS solution weather it be managed server or not be sure you choose the right host for VPS and also be sure to choose the right host I wouldn't go with blue host or host gator I would rather use a privately owned company that will be up in the long run. There are a few great reliable hosts here on WHT just check the hosting offers section and be sure to look the company up for any reviews if they have any at all so you can see what to expect or to see how they service are.

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    If you go for the "right" market, then it can truly be unlimited for you. Meaning that you reach out clients off the internet, go to retail businesses out there. Restaurants, hotels, motels, car dealers, realtors, pet store, flower shops, whatever.

    Then offer website and hosting and domain to these businesses, chances are your won't ever run out of resources and you can score some $20/Month from each client with all in one package.

    If you are going for the internet as your main source of client, then forget about it as your client base will be mostly people who will end up using up A LOT of your resources which may end up your account violating Bluehost's unlimited policy.

    It's just a matter of where you fish for clients.
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    right market

    jrianto, do you have experience with the all in one package? This sounds attractive. I didn't really consider local businesses, I was thinking the high volume DIY registering web client would be the target. Fewer better paying customers who use less resources is a nice combination.

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    todcan; Do you have Unlimited Shared Hosting or Reseller Hosting? All of your web sites share same server resource limits on Shared Hosting. So if you exceed it when all of your web sites maybe suspended. But each resold accounts have separate limits on Reseller Hosting. So other resold accounts won't effect if any of them exceed the limits.
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    I have the most basic re-seller hosting package. Each account gets its own cpanel access all on 1 shared IP. Thats what sparked my initial question. Best I can see, for one low monthly fee, I can host an unlimited number of clients. Common sense tells me that "unlimited" has conditions.

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    Then I don't recommend to host more than 100 domains on a reseller hosting. Because everything is not unlimited. You can buy multiple reseller hostings.
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    That was my plan "B" is if I hit a limit, I could just open another account.
    Just trying to find that limit. dhcart says its 100. Why?

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