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    * Large Amount of Spam


    I'm looking for a bit of advise from fellow web host owners.
    I co-own a VPS and dedicated server host. We've had about 8 clients signup that have intentions of or have spammed.

    Despite our best efforts to prevent these orders they still manage to get through sometimes and it's caused a concern for us.

    We get notifications our IPs are on RBLs and it's a nightmare to have to sort out.

    Here is what we do (take note Something here may be something you might want to add!)

    • We run orders through MaxMind. Any order with >= 2.7 "risk score" is declined.
    • We run orders through FraudRecord. If a client has a single mention of spam the order is declined.
    • If the staff member sees the order as in increased risk, we manually verify accounts with "verification forms" that require ID to confirm the clients details are correct.
    • We require clients to enter the server usage during signup.
    • We require any client who wants more than 5 IPs justify their usage with a form.
    • We have a subscription with Project HoneyPot to monitor IPs and their usage to ensure they are not listed on RBLs.

    Can anyone give some suggestions please?

    Many thanks

    | Conor C. - Server Latch

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    If you are running cPanel, maybe default new accounts to have a maximum of X amount emails per hour? You can do this when defining a package in cPanel.

    Once you see that a client is legit and is not a potential spammer, you can remove that kind of limitation.
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    Hello Jrianto,

    Thanks for your reply. We do this with our managed clients as their servers included cPanel but our unmanaged clients do not get cPanel included.

    | Conor C. - Server Latch

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    Unfortunately, we have seen an uptick in this type of behavior and are looking for advice as well.
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    You could block outgoing smtp connections, and then host a dedicated smtp server with anti spam software. I know of free open source maintained software that can stop outgoing and ingoing spam. That would be the only way unless you had some sort of packet inspector look at all IP'S.... :/

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    just monitor port 25 and decrease the outgoing rate to maximum 100 email/hr

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    Unfortunately the only way to do this massively is to have a machine doing the job at the router level, for example (routing the traffic and filter port 25) or other outgoing transparent hardware filtering appliance(between your servers and internet connection). The other way around if your router its advanced you can have it send an email when more than 50 outgoing connections on port 25 are made, and temporary block port 25, then review if legit, etc.

    If you don't control your internet (routing/bgp) and you are offering dedi/vps then this is a hassle, you have to go with the second option of placing a transparent appliance.

    The other solution it is to increase your fraud measures but this will lower your sales for sure.
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