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    Best Site or Software for Uploading Images in Bulk

    Hi - I have little experience with image hosting, and need to upload about 10,000 images so that they can have thier own URLs. I also need to download the list of URLs regularly (and will likely be adding to and subtracting from the list over time.

    Is there a good site (or software) that you can recommend that allows this kind of bulk uploading (and downloading) of images, and also is efficient at converting such images to URLs.

    Thanks for any suggestion!

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    All i really need to do is download (into a spreadsheet) a list of URLs for all of my photos. Can't believe there isn't a tool out there that would allow me to do this.

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    You can try ShareX: - Web Design / Re-Design Services
    Experts in Web-Hosting Designs

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    Why you don't use your own FTP or Dropbox ?

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