Dear sir/madam,

We from WorldStream can offer you the following which is valid untill the 23th of December 2013.

47U Secured Colocation

  • 47U Rack
  • 20 ampere available
  • Power calculation afterward at 0,13 per kWh
  • A+B no-break feeds
  • 2x 6 sockets
  • SLA Economy-support on best effort
  • Own PI space announced for free!
  • Free simple remote hands!
  • 100 mbit unmetered uplink
  • 16 IPv4 addresses
  • /64 IPv6 range

Price per month: 250,00 ex. 21% BTW
Setup costs: 300,00
Placing time: 1 day
Contract term: 24 months

If you have a colocation contract at an other company; in many cases we are willing to compensate when moving to our datacenter.

Contact one of our sales representative now at sales [at] or by telephone on 0031 174 712 117!

Default included
  • 24x7 independent access to the datacenter
  • 24x7 security by staff and CCTV
  • 2 Access cards in combination with face recognition


  • APC Remote Reboot switch: 50,00 per month
  • Cisco managed switch: 50,00 per month


  • Extra TB : 8,00 / TB
50+ TB : Please contact us, we will make a special price.

  • The servers of WorldStream are located in one of the most green ecological datacenters in the world; Greenhouse Datacenters in The Netherlands which is equipped in accordance to the TIER3 specifications:

  • 24/7 security with biometric access
  • Redundant power setup
  • Redundant airconditioning setup
  • Redundant network setup
  • Cold-corridor setup: closed cold array
  • Double no-break feeds with seperated UPS paths
  • Multiple generators
  • Meeting room available
  • Office space availaable
  • Coffee corner available
  • Passive meet-me-room available
  • Double authentication by means of access cards and biometric face recognition

  • Network: WorldStream (ASN 49981)
  • Test IP:
  • Uptime: 99,99%
  • Completely geographic seperated paths to different locations
  • Connected to the best networks: AMS-IX, Atrato, Level3, GlobalCorrsing

Why choose WorldStream?

  • Top of the line support
  • Real-time bandwith statistics in our control panel
  • Real-time rDNS changable in our control panel
  • Real-time power usage monitor in our control panel
  • Datatraffic monitor. Keep control of your bandwidth by receiving an e-mail or SMS when you reach a certain level
  • Block/unblock IP's by your own
  • Professional team of experienced technical server engineers
  • We use a brand new suite in one of the most ecological datacenters in the world; Greenhouse Datacenters
  • (room temp. always below 26C)

About WorldStream

WorldStream is a well-known internet service provider (ISP) which has thousands of customers from all over the world. The reason that customers from the USA, Germany, China, Spain and many more countries have chosen for WorldStream is because we are an organization with years of experience and highly trained and enthusiastic manpower which will always meet the requirements and demands for your business.[/LIST]

Please respond in this topic or at sales [at] for further questions.


WorldStream Internet Solutions
NAALDWIJK, the Netherlands
Phone : 0031 174 712 117
E-mail : sales [at]