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    VPS/Dedicated Server with LOTS of disk space & unlimited BW


    I am looking for a VPS or Dedicated Server which has lots of disk space and unlimited bandwidth with 1 Gbit dedicated port without a good CPU and RAM.

    The server would simply serve a purpose of distributing lots of files over the HTTP protocol (As a mirror). The server doesn't need any RAM at all, 512MB-1GB would do and the CPU shouldn't be that great either.

    The most important is the amount of disk space, unlimited bandwidth with a very high upload speed.

    Any clues where I can find one for a good price?

    Thanks in advance!
    Regards, Sven.

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    What are you considering as a lot of disk space? Talking about a few TB's or 10's or 100's of TB's. Any location you had in mind?
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    Thank you for replying so quickly!

    I was thinking around 20-30 TB to start with, and easily being able to upgrade with another 10's of TB when needed.

    I am looking to create mirrors in both United States and Europe.

    Regards, Sven.

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    If you are looking for dedicated server, you can check
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    1Gbps dedicated port? If you honestly want a dedicated gigabit uplink, you're going to be looking at several hundred per month at least.
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