Looking for SEO hosting to boost your traffic and search engine rankings? This plan is designed for your needs! In one plan you get 5 cPanel accounts, each of them on completely different IP addresses, on 5 powerful servers physically located in different countries (Kansas USA, Montreal Canada, Frankfurt Germany, Amsterdam Nethelands and Roubaix France).
These 5 hosting accounts are provided with 25 GB total disk space and 500 GB monthly traffic, allowed to create unlimited addon domains, subdomains, MySQL databases and include cPanel control panel, Softaculous scripts installer, FFMPEG PHP, Trendy Suite Builder.

Datacenter locations:

Your accounts will be hosted on servers physically located in 5 different countries

1 hosting account in USA (Kansas) - IP address in the 69.197.x.x range
1 hosting account in Canada (Montreal) - IP address in the 192.95.x.x range
1 hosting account in Germany (Frankfurt) - IP address in the 144.76.x.x range
1 hosting account in France (Roubaix) - IP address in the 176.31.x.x range
1 hosting account in Netherlands (Amsterdam) - IP address in the 192.71.x.x range

All 5 accounts in this SEO Pack are provided with the following features:
  • cPanel
  • Softaculous scripts installer
  • FFMPEG, mencoder, mplayer, flvtool2, MP4BOX2, FFMPEG-PHP: Run your own video hosting/conversion site
  • Unlimited addon domains and subdomains
  • Unlimited MySQL databases and e-mail accounts
  • 25 GB total disk space
  • 500 GB total monthly traffic
  • Clean IP addresses (not blacklisted by search engines and e-mail providers)
  • Servers with 16 Intel CPU cores and 16 GB RAM
  • FTP, FTPS Access
  • CloudFlare (optional, free)
  • Antivirus protection for all sites and email accounts
  • Apache Web Server
  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • PHP, CGI, Perl, SSI
  • Ruby On Rails
  • PostgreSQL & MySQL
  • Attracta SEO tools
  • Trendy Site Builder
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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Enter coupon code WHT49 for a 49% lifetime recurring discount
(price reduced from $4.49 to $2.29/month with this coupon)

Why NetworkPanda SEO Hosting?

- Each of the 5 cPanel accounts is hosted on an entirely different IP range, server and country, without any common IP address segments and network paths with the others. Are you currently using a SEO hosting service with different IP addresses where only the last (4th) segment changes? (example: and This is not effective for SEO, as search engines detect that all sites are in the same network or server. This way, they determine that all these sites and backlinks belong to the same person... to you. Our plans are provided with IP addresses which do not have anything common each other. You get IP addresses in these ranges:

- Each of the 5 accounts is geographically hosted in a different country. Geographic diversity of sites and backlinks, is important for SEO.

- Our servers are fast, and a fast loading site is essential for your SEO requirements

- You can conveniently manage all accounts from one client area (cPanel access, account renewals, support tickets etc.)

Order your SEO hosting plan
Enter coupon code WHT49 for a 49% lifetime recurring discount
(price reduced from $4.49 to $2.29/month with this coupon)