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    VersaWeb Take care if you need a reliable dedicated server hosting


    Initially I would say that they are to be congratulated for good price =)

    But, unfortunately, they aren't doing what they should do.

    I rented a server there few days ago, but they said I should first pay the server, wait it's delivered to them make a IP Allocation Request. I work with virtualization, so, a server is useless if I don't have enough IPs to work, but alright, I decided to trust on them...

    so... It's been 6 days I'm waiting a response about that, but nothing... not even a message!

    I've paid U$ 184/mo
    What means 6*184/30 = U$: 36,80 thrown in the trash

    They really have a good network, but if you need someone you can trust, take care...

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    Take care = do you mean "be careful" ?
    Specially 4 You
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    We have been with Versaweb for 1+ years now and IP allocation request can take a while. I would try using a different medium of communication. Try calling them during there business hours tomorrow. 1-877-690-4900. I'm sure they will be able to forward to Rob to take care of ASAP considering it's been 6 days.

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    I have the same issue too,
    It has been 8 days now. I tried to contact them several times via ticket but still have not received the IP allocation yet.
    Each day without IPs is wasting money now.

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    I hate to say this, but we had a similar issue with Versaweb (and it was the reason we left them). Were waiting for over a month for a reply, ended up cancelling all servers with them and moved to a colo. I am honestly not sure how others get good response times from Versaweb for anything not trivial, I guess they do not treat everyone the same way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by net View Post
    Take care = do you mean "be careful" ?
    yeah, thx, and sorry for bad english

    thank you all for replies, that is really sad

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    I've had a server with them for about 4 months and haven't really had an issue with ticket responses. The maximum time I'd have to wait would be around 3 days. Very unusual.

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    I received the IP block 2 hours ago, not too late

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    Ive had the same exact issue but everytime I request for an ip allocation its within their time frame 1-4 business days, besides they won't charge you for the ip yet till its added to your server. But hey maybe they can improve this issues?

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