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    SwiftNetworking VPS Outage

    Seems like SwiftNetworking's VPS servers seem to be down. My VPS has been having issues over the past few day's with outages on the nodes to tonight the whole VPS network is running into issues.

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    Are you in Buffalo by chance?


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    I'm in the UK on a UK VPS. So No

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    This was a noted issue that was displayed on our announcements and our blog.

    Since about 5 minutes ago, everything has been marked as functioning properly.


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    06:08: Node, possibly VPS server Unstable
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    13:26 Control Panel and Sever down. This is getting really silly.

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    Contact your Hosting provider they can check it what's going on the servers.

    If same issue persisting in the feature also better to change the hosting instead of wasting time on same hosting provider.

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    My VPS has been up and down all day now completely off line now

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    I plan on doing, I have reached out to the provided multiply times now. With the same issues every time listed below. I have requested a Node change, Nothing. The only time I get a response is by coming on here.

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