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    Shopping Cart Advice

    I've been using a shopping cart but am not too pleased with it. Every little thing is like a monumental task, and I hire different developers they are so confused beyond belief. It's just difficult to use, and the cart charges me $100 an hour to troubleshoot.

    Right now I only have 3 products on my store, I will have more, but I'm not going to have thousands like some people have, so I was kind of ruling out Magento.

    I was considering woocommerce, but it seems to be lacking some features.

    These are some features I would like to be able to have, but not all necessary:

    The ability to have multiple different page designs and layouts (for testing purposes).

    Potential just add to cart link while I test on an html page.

    Integration with my merchant account (Network Merchants Gateway)

    Email Orders to Fulfillment (I have it email a daily CSV file)

    Potential to do an upsell after the customer clicks to purchase the order, this way if they close it will bill them, but if they purchase an upsell it will handle that as well.

    Ability to do Digital and Physical product sales. So they get a free digital product if they buy physical product, etc.

    For clarification: I do not mind paying to make it work, plugins, monthly fee's, etc.
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    You have "3" products?

    Why not use something like:

    Ive used them before, from what I remember you simply point some DNS at them, Edit their themes to match your and manage your products through their panel.

    It handles your stock allocations, prices etc etc.

    Just a suggestion. Worked for me and a few other people ive done sites for.

    ( Im not affiliated with them )
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    You can try WHMCS or OpenCart. It's simple and easy to manage and you can customize it widely.
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    +1 for Foxycart
    I've sent a few of our merchant there and haven't heard anything but positives.

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    Do you have anyone in your organization that can be trained on managing the shopping cart software? If you get setup with an affordable and user friendly system, it shouldn't be that hard to manage. Sounds like you need an out of the box solution setup so you can get on with running your business. - Energize your Business Online, powered by BannerOS, the platform that turns your website into a powerful business tool.
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    I suggest you to use whmcs if your company for web hosts products, whmcs are very excellent in this area.

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    What are these products you offer is it hosting or any type of electronic service?

    If it is then try out whmcs very neat all around script for selling products or offering a wide range of services.,

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    Woocommerce is my favourite non billing system. Why not give them a go, you can addons for it.
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