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    Hosting company engaging in fraudulent practices - how to report to payment processor

    I was recently the victim of fraud by my hosting provider (Wholesale Internet). Should I report this to their payment processor? What's the best way to identify the processor of said merchant?

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    Lets get serious about This!

    Anyway, you would have come here to better research about the host, than to run here to report when there is a problem.

    However, you can better understand the payment processor depending on the payment method you used.
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    Thread cleaned up. Lets remain on topic folks. hostnesta thank you for the redirection. Carry on
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    WOT has their site listed as a scam -

    What payment processing did you order this on? If paypal file a dispute if CC then file a dispute with your bank and they might check it out but it depends.

    How did you pay? ILoveBilling
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    Yes, I agree with the above post.

    If you paid by credit card, then contact your card provider and request a chargeback. If you paid by bank transfer or other method, then contact the payment provider and try to request a chargeback.

    There is no way to contact their merchant account provider directly since they will surely have very strict privacy policy.

    It is best to "vote" with a chargeback if you feel you have been defrauded. If the company gets enough chargebacks, then the merchant provider will simply drop them as a client...
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    Seems the most reasonable thing to do.

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    Contact you Bank/CC service provider if you use paypal then contact paypal

    But for me its one side story

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    If it's PayPal or something like that, you simply send in an email (try to find executive email addresses).

    But if it's a legitimate merchant account, not much to do besides file a chargeback, but unless you can get those to amount to over 2% of their overall payments, it won't do much.

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    What kind of fraud? Perhaps you can share a little bit more?

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