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    Hosting a media conversion site

    One of our upcoming projects is a site that will handle conversion from mov to mp4, youtube to mp3, and all that silly stuff--pretty much every popular file format that people commonly need to convert. We plan for the traffic to be fairly heavy, probably 2-3K per day at first and growing progressively. Since this is not just WordPress serving up simple pages, I imagine we will need multiple servers for this.

    Can anyone help me figure out the technical requirements for this type of site? Are we going to need the fastest CPUs and maximum RAM? How do we spread the load across servers, and is there anything that should be delegated to AWS or another cloud service?

    Finally, this is slightly off topic, but if you know a solid developer to handle the actual conversion scripts and what not, please feel free to send him or her my way.

    This is an example of sites that do similar things (I am not hotlinking on purpose):

    You get the idea. Any and all thoughts regarding hosting this monstrosity of a project are much appreciated!

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    This require a FFmpeg to be installed and enable on each server to convert the files. Then you can create a script in php to use ffmpeg for converting media files as per your requirement. You can search for any of php script to have that functionality.
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    I don't know if you would actually need a web developer for this. There are a lot of scripts that already exist out there to do the youtube to mp3 conversion. You could probably save some money by ordering one of those scripts and having a developer provide some customizations for it (like changing the themes).

    For hosting something like this, I would definitely start off with a VPS. You would get kicked off a shared server pretty quickly since those scripts require a good amount of resources. For a managed VPS, I highly recommend KnownHost. They've always been good to me and have helped with script troubleshooting in the past. You're probably looking at around $50/month to host the site.

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    Really, a VPS? This is from the blog of


    New servers

    Today we added 4 top notch Dell PowerEdge R610 machines to our existing configuration of servers. These monster servers will help us to meet a growing demand of CPU power needed for all video conversions.
    All 4 servers are exact the same and here are their main details…

    CPUs: 2 x Intel® Xeon® X5690 3.46GHz, 12M Cache, 6.40 GT/s QPI
    Memory: 24GB Memory (6x4GB), 1333MHz Dual Ranked LV RDIMMs
    RAID Controller: PERC H700 Integrated RAID Controller, 512MB NV Cache
    Hard Drives: 4 x 146GB 15K RPM Serial-Attach SCSI 6Gbps 2.5in Hotplug Hard Drive
    They were adding 4 servers to their existing ones back in 2011!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knocks View Post
    Really, a VPS? This is from the blog of
    Well my question to you would be: Do you expect to get the same traffic load as in your first few months?

    You can always upgrade pretty seamlessly, so I would start with a VPS. That way you're not throwing money out the window with more servers than you need.

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