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    Need help backup for WHM

    I have a VPS with WHM/cPanel.

    I am familiar with the cPanel's Full backup.

    Is it possible to do this in WHM so it will backup every client each having its own cpbackup (the one we use to restore/transfer a client). For now I want to download these backups on my personal desktop.

    My idea is if something happens to my provider I can easily move using this backups to a new one. Also if one of my client is hacked I can look on this backup to restore their account.


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    Yes, you can do that in WHM then download it to your PC.

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    You can configure backup in your WHM based on your need ( refer for more backup configuration details ). Then you can download the entire backups from your VPS to your local machine using rsync or scp.

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    I would strongly recommend you to use REMOTE FTP BACKUP to an off-site server.. That will allow you to download the backups even if your server is down..

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    I just read the cPanel link

    am I right to use the code

    So I have to login using my SSH. Do I have to do to the directory of scripts or I type the whole code "/usr/local.../cpbackup" while in in root directory?

    Where will my backup file be saved? and how would I know the backups are done?

    And what is the difference with the one with --force?

    /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/cpbackup --force
    I'm still reading about rsync and scp where do I install these software, VPX or my personal computer? Can I just download these files like an ordinary file?

    I do plan to have another VPS for backups but currently I have too few clients in the VPS. And in case I went this direction do I need to have that VPS with cPanel and managed too? will a cheap VPS will work. Or can I just use an ordinary shared hosting to dump my backups?

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    You should enable and configure backups from WHM interface. Once it is properly configured, it will take automatic backups each time based on the configuration. If you run "crontab -l" as root from SSH, when /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/cpbackup trigger on your system. You can find the backups inside /backup/cpbackup; that is the destination of backups with legacy backup system. Then you can use WinSCP to copy the backups from your VPS to you windows local system. There is one advanced backup option as well if you have multiple backup destinations. So in future when you get one more VPS for hold your backups, you can configure it and that will let you to have one local backup and one remote backup. Anyway I suggest you to contact your host support and hire someone if you are really unsure about backup configuration. As backups are very critical for the business, any misconfiguration can lead to a catastrophe with a server crash.

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    Hello , it is much better if you buy a diffrent vps just for storage from a different provider, and use it only for backup, and not to use your own pc for such thing.

    Even configure it to backup daily.
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    +1 for remote server for saving backups of all cPanel accounts on the server. You can get 250GB for $5/ month from
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