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    Is there an OnApp script that would reboot server

    When a vm is no longer responsive.

    The script must
    1. Monitor server
    2. Alert user when server is down
    3. If after the next 5 minutes, server is still down, reboot the server.

    Recently one of my very important server was down for 4 hours. Yes I have monitoring. However, it took 4 hours from the time I found out that the server is not responsive to I rebooting the server.

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    I think the rebooting part is

    I just need a mechanism to access that when server is down.

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    Have you tried asking OnApp support?
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    You can integrate the API call to reboot VM along with your monitoring, or by a simple script which use ping to check server status or another set of tools to analyze the state of "downtime" you mentioned. But please note when doing remote monitoring, there are chances for false positives due to network issues between your monitor server and OnaApp VM. So the script you make to monitor the VM must be written in way to avoid such unnecessary reboots.

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