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    Domain with VPS


    Ive just rent a webhost server and a VPS with a domain name. Is that possible to make my domain pointing to my VPS's IP address and a subdomain to my forum? So there would be a and a I want the VPS website to be shown under the main, and my forum(that has another IP) under the forum domain. I have Parallels panel to control things like these.

    I would be very grateful if someone could give me a step by step description.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nb81 View Post

    Ive just rent a webhost server and a VPS with a domain name.
    What do you mean by "VPS with a domain name", or "VPS website"?
    Be more explicit I don't really understand your question or what really you want to do...

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    Sorry I'm a noob. I have a domain with a webhosting package and bought a VPS too. I want the domain that came with the webhosting package to point to my vps's IP.

    Btw, I edited the DNS record of my domain so it is working now(the website on the VPS is shown up) but don't know is this the way you do it?

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    You can just setup a dns in your vps then create the nameservers ip in your domain registrar to point it to your VPS.

    So, in the future, you can use the new nameservers for other domains you want to point to the vps.
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