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    Time it takes for a site to rank

    Does anyone have a rule of thumb for how long it takes for a site to start ranking in google for related terms - not just a query for the site by name.

    Am just trying to set expectations for how long after I bring a site up before it starts picking up traffic through search.

    So say I have a site about car parts - fred nurks bits and pieces dot com for example - How long before searches for car parts would bring the site up rather searches for fred nurk

    I figure days is the wrong answer.
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    That's quite a difficult question to answer. There are numerous ranking factors that need to be met before anyone could give you a good answer. Some sites can rank with 24 hours or less, others can take months.

    Just a few ranking factors: competition, website optimization, keyword optimization, backlink optimization. There are quite a lot of things to take into consideration on how to rank a website and how fast it ranks. / We Filter out the Bad Leads and Send you the Good ones!
    █ Office: (800) 959-0182 / Automated Lead Funnel Service
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    How long is a piece of string?

    It will take some time between now and never.
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    My site has been ranked highly by Google in about four months.
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    my site take 3 to 4 month rank in search engine
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    A lot of factors play roles in this respect, for example how old your website is, whether or not you are targeting some long-tail keywords or just would rush to pick too broad terms that could take forever to rank. Top SEO companies usually believe they can help even new websites appear in the first one thousand listings for the targeted keywords, even the tough ones, within six to nine months, but every website could have its very own story.
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    I don't really think their is a straitforward answer to this. Sometimes 24 hours and sometimes 3 or 4 months. It depends on the keywords you are targeting and how much work you put into it.
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    On the outset make sure you optimize the page within key word you targeted. As for example when you focus on the keyword fred nurk you absolutely need a perfectly optimize page for the keyword fred nurk which means google can easily crawl and index your page. After that try to determine-

    1) The way in which your main competitors added value to their sites.
    2) Who are the prospective customer and where they hanging around.
    3) What can be the possible missing they got to their sites?
    4) Identify the back links they are getting, directories they used to submit their site as well as relevant blogs ans social media networks they are using to reap traffic.

    Indeed you have to formulate a perfect competitive breakdown approach to reap quick rankings. Most importantly you must have a number of authority back links which are considered most leading link juice for almost any site. Not surprisingly it will be relevant to your niche.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hasanul huq View Post
    authority back links
    yes the authority back links is the hard bit - particularly when the established sites with the authority are your competitors.

    Its a bit like dressing up as the McBurger Clown and walking into Colonel Chicken and asking them to send the customers over.
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    It depends basically on competition, considering you've done everything correct. For a small niche, with a proper work, it might take weeks. But if you're trying to rank for high competition keywords... be patient and work hard. It will take several months.
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    It's difficult to put a number to how much but content is very important
    SEOing in the true sense of the word means always keeping ur site optimized
    Be it content ,website structure,how much u are backlinked ,how much are good rated sites and pages talking about you etc.
    Plus how competitive are the keywords that you are targeting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cbpayne View Post
    How long is a piece of string?

    It will take some time between now and never.
    That's true.

    @OP: I have a few tips to get you started.

    1). Make sure your site is indexable
    1a). Avoid javascript for generating your content, as search engines aren't great at deciphering such content.
    1b). Create a webmaster's tools account, upload an accurate and up-to-date XML sitemap.
    1c). Make sure your robots.txt file isn't blocking bots from crawling the whole site. Ensure it's only blocking content you want left private (Terms of use, Cookie policy, Privacy policy etc.) You can use webmaster tools to test which pages your robots.txt is blocking.

    2). Link building and acquisition

    Google has over 200 factors in its ranking algorithms. The most influential factor of which is the no. and quality of backlinks point to your site. Google view backlinks as votes of trust.

    2a). Guest post on relevant blogs in your industry. You can find such opportunities by searching for "industry + guest post" OR "industry + write for us"
    2b). Use backlink explorers like majesticSEO , ahrefs or OSE to analyse your competitor's links to see if you have the opportunity to get a link too
    2c). Perform a brand search of your brand in google to see if webmaster's have referenced you, but forgot to link to you. You can look for these instances using google's search too, search for "your-brand-name.extension" in quotes for an exact match, thereafter try to politely inform webmaster/administrators of their mistake.

    3). Make a BLOG, NOW!!!

    Other things to consider:

    • On-page optimization: Use (H1-H6)to emphasise key phrases - not logo. Don't keyword stuff. Canonicalize your URLs(make redirect to OR vice-versa). Avoid duplicate content(Use rel="canonical" to the original version of the content).
    • Site speed
    • Bounce rate
    • Google authorship
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