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    Flarehosting [split from old thread]

    There was a time when I had my websites hosted by FlareHosting, and when I became the Webmaster for our camera club a bit over six years ago I moved the website there. I have since moved all my websites away and will be moving our club website away in the future.

    We have had a number of problems with sending emails from our website because of FlareHosting's reputation for hosting spam websites. In response to this they have refused to allow us to redirect email to certain email providers, like Comcast. The current problem is that our email is getting caught in Gmail's spam filter. Looking into the situation my guess is that this is because of the lack of a reverse PTR record. I asked them about this and it took six days for them to tell me that they do not provide this normally. I asked them to please do so and was told that I was not authorized to make such a request.

    I pointed them to the email from six and a half years ago that showed that I was the one who set up the account. It has been well over a week and my repeated requests for a response have been ignored. Our camera club has about 150 members so not being able to connect with many of them is not a trivial matter.

    In the past I pointed people to FlareHosting but now I am pointing them away from this failed service. I have moved my websites to and have gotten excellent response from them when problems have arisen. I will be moving our club's website soon which will end my relationship with them.

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    I'm sorry to hear this. I don't understand why you wouldn't be "authorized" to make "such a request". Maybe their pockets are getting heavy, and they would rather go out and spend money than help a customer. Good luck on your move, and, with your new host.

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    Yea, that doesn't sound like a good host at all. Definitely not the right responses you give a customer to those issues. | 10+ Years of Web Hosting Experience!
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