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    Need single sql query memcached for 10 minutes


    i have a php file with a sql query in it but it is very expensive and ran everytime a page is loaded

    i need this expensive query memcached for 10 minutes so each call it from the cache database before updating from the mysql databsae every 10 min

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    this explains better:

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    Do you have skype? I can probably find something effective for you

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    still looking

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    sdefpus is your skype?
    Primary email: advanced dot programmer at gmail dot com ..

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    Hi, if you can post your e-mails I will be happy to shoot you one
    //edit superprogramer: chheck mail!

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    still urgently looking for someone to memcache or somehow make this .sql query only update every 10 minutes (maybe output sql statement to a file and only update the file every 10 min with new sql query)

    Post your emails so I may contact you

    This is what I specifically need done:
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