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Thread: cPanel problem

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    cPanel problem


    Can I change my domain's IP address in cPanel? In the advanced DNS zone tool there is an option to change the main domain's( record, so I could change it's IP address to that I want. Is this the way I should do? Simply rewrite's address to the right IP?

    I bought a webhosting server with a domain and now I want to change that domain's IP to my VPS's IP. So when I go to my VPS's index.php have to show up.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You can change your domain namesever to point the domain to your VPS or you can use A record of the domain DNS to point the domain to your VPS's index.php .
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    Contact you web hosting provider to assist you. Your Cpanel account may not be having sufficient privilege.Don't forget to update your domain name records.

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    You can edit your DNS zone to any IP you want but that doesn't 'make it so.'

    Without the virtual host configuration also being updated the IP change will only affect DNS and the site will likely cease to work once pointing to the wrong IP.

    If you have root access [or the required access level] you can change an account's IP address. If not - your host will have to do it.
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    Ahh, I see, so this is a host releated thing(sine I only have root access on my VPS).

    Thanks a lot guys!

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    Yes, but to be on a safer side, ask your hosting provider once before making any changes.
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