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    PieLayer:: $9.80 - 1GB RAM :: 1000MBIT :: UNLIMITED SPACE/BW:: SSD Drives:: PiePanel

    Hello All Miners!

    Visit our website!

    About PieLayer

    PieLayer is started in early 2012 with the aim to bring back the flavour in hosting. We strive to make sure you that you spend less time on support and more time creating your amazing projects. However when you do need support we make sure your tickets are answered with the respect you deserve, so we guarantee a response within 24 hours. However most are resolved within an hour of their submission.

    All our servers come with PiePanel, a in-house control panel platform that fits nicely with our system. Since we made the software, we are able to provide a good experience which you don't get with the off-the-shelf alternative.

    We've also fine tuned our Java in order to gain more players and plugins out of as much RAM as possible, meaning you can run more then your average Minecraft server, just by using PieLayer.


    1000Mbit Port
    Solid State Drives
    Octo-Core Servers
    Full Linux Environment
    File Manager
    Out-The-Box Tekkit Support
    Kansas City & Florida (US)
    Quick, Easy and Simple Plugin Management
    Easy Backup and Restore
    Live Console
    Use Any .JAR
    - Automated Backups
    - Automatic Start
    - Custom actions
    One click bukkit update
    FTP and SSH support
    so much more..

    You can see a recent screenshot here.

    Right, lets get onto the pricing.


    All our control panels are now valid-SSL enabled, adding an extra layer of security.


    512MB - (10 Players)

    Perfect for a small group of friends or a little community that just want to get building straight away with no hassle and room to grow.

    $4.90 per month for life with discount code: ILOVEMCF - Order Now

    1024MB - (20 Players)

    Works great with small and medium sized communities that are starting to get a influx of new members, or if you want some extra room to grow.

    $9.80 per month for life with discount code: ILOVEMCF- Order Now

    2048MB - (40 Players)

    Good for large communities that want to build them mega-scale projects ranging from the empire state building to the starship enterprise!

    $15.40 per month for life with discount code: ILOVEMCF - Order Now

    4096MB - (80 Players)

    Big enough for anything your imagination can think off!

    $24.50 per month for life with discount code: ILOVEMCF- Order Now

    More Info?


    If you have any questions, please either raise a ticket at our website, or you can post below or contact us via e-mail [email protected] . Its up to you!

    Reach for the Pie!
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