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    I ordered about 80 cores and a few other resources at for $325 to do some calculations with a software (cryptocurrency mining). It eats about 70%+ CPU usage. I started with only a few cores and then scaled up to 80. I asked permission on their live chat support to raise my limit and I also said that I would use a lot of CPU power. This one support guy in the live chat said "sure" and so I bought more cores. I paid using bitcoins because they accepted it. However, the next time I asked to raise my limit again, they asked me to stop what I was doing and remove my VMs immediately. They said that I cannot order too much cores without buying more RAM (yep, they're a cloud hosting service). And talk about overselling resources (See Pic 1).

    So then I wasn't worried because I was still within their 7-day money back guarantee. I asked for a refund and they did refund my PayPal payments (See Pic 2 and 3). However, they had a problem refunding my Bitcoins although I'm not sure what it was. They never said the reason. I tried to help them track the transactions because perhaps they are unfamiliar with it (See Pic 2). 9 days on and I still haven't heard anything from them. I tried to ask what was going on and what was the problem but no replies. It would have been okay with me if they told me the problem but they didn't. I feel like I was just shrugged off just because they already refunded some of my money and that I was no longer a customer. They still me owe $87.58.

    I do not wholly blame them for this since I used alot of their CPU and maybe they were unprepared for that. Their support was actually good before I asked a refund. Anyway, I am happily mining cryptocurrencies at digitalocean with 50 cores. I no longer need the refund but I would update this thread if they stop ignoring me and decide to give my money back. I feel that this is worth sharing for $87.58. This may serve a warning to those crypto miners and people who pay with bitcoins at togglebox. I'd recommend another cloud hosting service if you're going to do some heavy CPU usage.

    Pic 1:

    Pic 2:

    Pic 3:

    Pic 4:

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    This is worth sharing, thank you. Here on WHT we do not tolerate ignorance. Hope they will refund your money.

    Live long and prosper.

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    It says on there order form "Notice: We do not allow Virtual Currency Mining (bitcoin, litecoin, etc)" Did they put that there before or after?
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    Don't you know it's much better to GPU mine?!

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    Terms of Service against currency mining has been there a long time, it uses needless CPU cycles that can impact others on shared infrastructure. We don't cut off regular usage for CPU, but mining is against the terms of service. We understand not everyone reads the ToS so yes we'll refund that even though it is a ToS violation.

    As you saw, PayPal was refunded right away as PayPal makes it easy from their control panel/API. We use BitPay for BitCoin payments and they don't make it as easy. We don't actually have our own BitCoin wallet, BitPay deposits USD directly to us. We're at the mercy of BitPay as to when they'll process the refund.
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    You could have informed this poor guy that his refund is processing. Nice of your side at the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenoo View Post
    It says on there order form "Notice: We do not allow Virtual Currency Mining (bitcoin, litecoin, etc)" Did they put that there before or after?
    I believe it was placed there after this incident.

    I finally got a reply just now in another support ticket I filed (12/09/13) asking for an update on my refund. They said "We've sent a followup to Bitpay regarding the refund and will update you as soon as we have a status." If only they have informed me earlier about the BitPay issue, I wouldn't have thought that they completely given up on the refund. I wonder if they would even bother replying to that ticket filed on Dec 9 if I hadn't posted this. It's normal for a customer to conclude that the refund isn't coming especially when his request for update is ignored for more than a week. Usually I get replies from their customer support in less than 24 hours. Anyway, thanks to togglebox for finally clarifying the issue.

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    Good news!

    Togglebox has finally refunded my bitcoins.

    A refund for 0.0699 BTC has been sent in the following transaction:

    A refund for 0.0144 BTC has been sent in the following transaction:

    Thank you! Case closed.

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