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Thread: SSL for cPanel

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    SSL for cPanel

    I want to Install SSL Security for my WHM/cPanel. I already purchase RapidSSL

    Please advice me .

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    hope you have bought the SSL for the server Hostname. You can install SSL for WHM/CPanel and other services from "Manage Service SSL Certificates" option in WHM.

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    1.) Go to Service Configuration.

    2.) Click on Manage Service SSL Certificates

    3.) Choose one or more services for SSL certificate installation: Tick all the boxes.

    4.) Paste the Certificate in the Certificate box.

    5.) Paste the Private Key in the Private Key box.

    6.) Click Install.
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    Just a note, you must have root access of your server to complete the installation for cPanel/WHM service SSL. If you have shared hosting account or a reseller, you cannot install it.
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