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    Hybrid Cloud Providers?

    I am evaluating my hosting requirements, specifically looking at hybrid cloud offerings. The short story is I have a few hundred VM's that run app/api/etc type stuff. These are small instances, shares storage is fine, disk access is minimal, more about memory and cpu for generating content. I also have dozen or so that run on SSD storage for database and data stuff.

    In an ideal world I would have a set of dedicated hypervisors (private cloud) networked with a bunch of burstable web vms in the public cloud space. I could run all my base line resources and heavy disk / cpu apps on my dedicated hv's and burst additional capacity or cache servers out to public.

    Does anyone have any long term exposure to a host that provides these services (outside of Rackspace and Softlayer, they are already on my list) ?

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    Yes, Your requirements are well understood.

    Common scenario would be number of dedicated HVs (Based on your CPU / Memory compute resource requirements) running ESXi same version and networked together over private dedicated LAN /VLAN enabled.

    Depend on your uplink bandwidth need you can have each HV would have 4 or more Uplinks 2 on Private and 2 On public WAN...

    You can also create your own Firewall appliance or use a dedicated ASA for the purpose depend on your needs (DMZ scenario is in the mix too).

    You can even go fancier if your provider do have multiple datacenter and can do WAN replication using De-duplication to create active-active accross dataceters for high available critical VMs.

    Another advantage is you can use a shared SAN storage ( or even SSD for high IOPs) between those HVs and enable HA to avoid any downtime within the same datacenter.

    Hope that helps!

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    You might want to check out Lightcrest. We migrated to them from Rackspace awhile back and are very satisfied with the switch. We use a private cloud for steady state traffic and burst into their public cloud during peak times. We found Rackspace's RackConnect to a be an expensive bottleneck.

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