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    Two 4GB Linodes or Four 2GB Linodes?

    This setup will be for a purely PHP based video website, running a CDN for the video storage/bandwidth. Projecting very fast growth for the site.

    Which do you think is better/wiser? In terms of performance, redundancy, security, scaling, etc.

    1. Two 4GB Linode servers (One MySQL, One Apache'PHP).


    2. Four 2GB Linode servers (Two MySQL, TWO Apache'PHP, linked together via Two Nodebalancers).

    The costs for the servers will be exactly the same for both setups, BUT the Four server setup will cost more due to needing 2 Nodebalancers + More backups + more maintenance time, and possibly the Linode Managed service.

    Want to set it up right from the start, so scaling is a breeze later, and performance/uptime is critical. Which setup would you go with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arteia View Post
    ...uptime is critical...
    Go with 4 nodes if you're comfortable with it. As you scale, you have the initial platform in place. Therefore, no rebuilds will be required as you scale. - Ditch your slow host and choose the best!

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    Make sure you request Linode to set up VPS on different server nodes. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    Quote Originally Posted by PremiumHost View Post
    Make sure you request Linode to set up VPS on different server nodes.
    I think that is standard on Linode.

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