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    What do you think about my website look

    this is my website its based on minimum pro theme for wordpress.
    I'm trying to figure out if I should make this picture smaller, personally I love it like this, but my GF says it is way too big.

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    I agree with your gf.It would look better if you decreased the image size.

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    i have checked the website and i must say it looks simple and nice with white background and yes the picture is big...

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    It's simple. The color scheme is very usual. Could have been a bit better , but nonetheless good job.

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    Very sleek and modern. The home page picture is quite large and doesn't serve much purpose--but it does look good. Great job!
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    I think I like the simplicity. It is like appreciating a nice black and white photo, a bit different from the norm.

    The image may be a little big as it takes up over half the page above the fold. It kind of reminds me of the Google+ header image before they made them smaller.

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    The main image might want to be half as tall. On a laptop it takes up the entire screen (unless that's what you meant for it to do?).
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