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    Is it real deploy less than 3 hours?


    I was paid for dedicated server on last night on 13 Dec 2013 07:27:17 -0800 (PST) and I was seeing their order page it was said the dedicated server will deploy < 24 hours also I was talk with the sales representative on Live Chat at that time, he said my server will be online with less than or around 3 hours. But until now my server still not yet online. Perhaps someone on staff could tell me or explain or reply my email I sent. Because today I was sent them a message regarding this three times but still no reply.
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    Only they can tell you why the server was not provisioned within that timeframe. Perhaps they are waiting for more servers or parts? You will just have to wait until the reply back to your email.
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    Typically you have a better shot at chatting to their Sales/Support staff directly (whether it's via tickets, email, live chat, phone, etc.) but hopefully someone helps you understand the delay, possibly a rep on here.
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    Before I ordered I was talk through their live chat with sales representative but that sales representative only said that is available and your order will deploy less than or around than 3 hours.

    And in the morning finally I got the reply from them:

    Joe, can you have a look to see if the 2x 2TB would be equivalent to the same pricing and see if client is ok with it?
    Why that sales representative not tell me if they aren't in stock for 4TB hard drive? Is it really really they are common usual threat customer like that?
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    Seems like a bull**** sales tactic on their part. It's really not that difficult to setup a server in under 3 hours. It's also quite ridiculous that they don't have parts in stock.
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    Yes, that's so ridiculous why they seems tricky customer to have more sales? I've no idea why they do that, its been estabilish since 1996 I thought more old more professional but from this I don't know they are professional or not and they really really care or not to customer. I still waiting their reply still no reply from them.
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    They was 100% refunded the funds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Penenun View Post
    They was 100% refunded the funds.
    Glad to hear it's resolved. Closing by OPs request.
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