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    VPS vs. Dedicated

    I currently have 9VMs running on a dedicated server. Ive been looking to get some higher i/o speeds for a while now, but havent been able to afford the SSD upgrades. I am (quite) busy as well, and ive found that working on the host node has probably wasted more of my time than necessary since I am not a professional sysadmin.

    Would it be better for me to get 9 high-quality VPSes instead of a dedicated server in this case?

    I would be able to get pure SSD storage, and as I have experienced, a faster virtual machine. I dont have much load on the server (Ldap, webserver, TF2 Servers x5, MC server,openvpn), and my load for each of the VMs has stayed under my provider's requirement of having lower than .9 load average.

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    For running games like MC its always better to have your own dedicated server as it eats a lo t of CPU for which most VM providers might suspend your server for abusing it.

    KVM with virtio drivers would improve I/O a lot.Other option would be add an SSD and use it for caching.You will get superb I/O with SSD cached VMs

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    I already have 2 of the tf2 servers running on the VPS host for a while now, and for 3 months, the load has been below 0.9, which is what my provider requires.

    The MC server will be on a VPS with dedicated VPU resources.

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    The SSD caching is a really good way for improving your i/o.

    Think about the cost. You can get an SSD dedicated with $100 (maybe less than that).

    9VPS may cost the same (can cost lower depends on the provider)

    If I knew your budget and your requirements I could help you.
    Also whats your current server's specs?

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    How mush is your budget?
    what are using for?
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