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    After Years with Serverbeach, Looking for Comparable Host

    I've been spoiled with Peer1 bandwidth all this time, and I need a host who can truly deliver that sort of quality. Needs:
    -24/7 tech staff
    -premium bandwidth, preferably pure internap or peer1 or another proven blend.
    -quick setup
    -win2003 or win2008
    -mirrored raid sata drives

    Considering I can get a nice machine directly from internap now that meets all those requirements, I'm looking for hopefully a reseller who is big enough to also have staff 24/7. Anybody fit the bill?

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    Mind me asking why you're looking for an alternative? Also, if you have specific hardware requirements you can post, that may be helpful in the feedback you get.

    Best of luck!
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    When you say premium bandwidth, what do you mean by that? Your exact needs will be required here as there is no universal premium brandwidth that will be the best for every scenario.

    Your requirements are really bland, pretty much any medium sized server provider can fit it.
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    I'm having some hardware issues with them at the moment, but they still have the potential to fix it quick enough to earn them praise rather than flaming. I just want to know if there actually are some decent alternatives out there.

    By a premium blend, from my personal experience with hellacious service from other providers (Peer1 bandwidth is top notch): no cogent, no mzima. Anyone with internap in the mix is a red flag--internap is top notch, better than peer1 some would say, but every host who has claimed to include internap usually does so at such a small % that it is only for name recognition.

    My hardware requirements are not special. I can make do with whatever low-powered servers are available.

    I've been out of the loop for a while though, so no doubt things have changed. I just need someone who has TRUE 24x7 service, which rules out a lot of the smaller resellers unfortunately.

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    Does pheonixnap aka securedservers use cogent in their mix?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HostingAgain View Post
    internap is top notch, better than peer1 some would say, but every host who has claimed to include internap usually does so at such a small % that it is only for name recognition.
    Internap is a Tier 3 style network (no backbone or peering). They may arguably have better connectivity to content networks, but PEER1 definitely has better connectivity to eyeball networks. Unless you're primarily interested in running traffic to other data centres, PEER1 will likely be the better option.

    If you're looking for a similar network to PEER1, nLayer is probably the closest in terms of network model, as a premium Tier 2 network provider with heavy emphasis on peering. We use both for our combined Vancouver and Seattle network, and even though nLayer is preferred on more routes, more traffic goes through PEER1 for us, but that may be because of our Canadian traffic. nLayer has better connectivity to Japan and Malaysia thanks to NTT, while PEER1 has better connectivity to China due to their peering with the major Chinese networks in LA.

    What location are you looking for? You can get a list of PEER1's BGP (and presumably larger) customers by looking at radb:
    and doing a lookup for:

    As for PhoenixNAP, take a look at, and lookup AS12189. You can see from the Graph v4 view, and networks that they use for transit (i.e. connect through to get to to other networks) that they have:
    ASTUTE HOSTING: Advanced, customized, and scalable solutions with AS54527 Premium Canadian Optimized Network (Level3, PEER1, Shaw, Tinet) Enterprise Dedicated Hardware with IPMI at VPS-like Prices using AS63213 Affordable Bandwidth (Cogent, HE, Tinet)
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    Update: Serverbeach pulled through valiantly. Was up all night, but they got me back in business in under 24 hours after a bad server failure. I'll make another thread detailing the event when I'm reconfigured and had some sleep, they deserve it.

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    Happy to see your issues worked out

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