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    Best RDP Host Giga RDP Admin RDP servers

    I just wanted to let everyone know of the best RDP host I have ever seen with Admin RDPS , I have looked all over the place and could not find one it was horrible the site has
    • Great support 24/7 Email support
    • Admin privlages so you can put any software you want !
    • And a great owner who works with his clients if they have issues !

    If anyone knows of any other RDP hosts please let me know I have tons of clients looking for them and the only place I can find Admin rdps , or anywhere at all .

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    * Warning

    Be aware that admin will suck you, bad support and alot of users on 1 server so you will not be able to work. I have wasted my money for a month, i don't want others to waste their money.

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