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    Help with CPanel add ip


    So i got an additional ip and added it via cpanel.

    Now every time i reboot my server the ip wont load

    To fix this issue i must
    "service ipaliases restart" or
    "service network restart"

    Then my sites load fine, until i reboot that is.

    Please help
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    Use the chkservd to restart ipaliases automatically during reboot.

    If you added the ip in WHM, it will automatically added every time you reboot the server.
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    I did add the new ip via WHM, and it works great. But when I reboot server it no longer loads the ip hence I must restart the service network

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    Run following command and check if it works for you.
    chkconfig ipaliases on
    You may also want to check log message just after reboot and IP is not added in WHM.
    tail -100 /var/log/messages
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    Yes after reboot ip is NOT added, ipaliases are on

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    I work more with WHM on a virtualized level, but I believe on WHM Accelerated installs the I.P. should be present in /etc/ips if not, you may have to go through and remove/re-add process. There may be a /scripts if you want to try adding it from the CLI. You'd want to run it through Google to determine which one.
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    Please would you post us the result of "chkconfig --list ipaliases" here? If it is "ON" with all run levels, can you see the particular process starting up during server booting process?

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    # chkconfig --list ipaliases
    ipaliases 0: off 1: off 2: on 3: on 4: on 5: on 6: off

    I tried to remove the ip from whm, and re add but still no fix.

    /etc/ips contains the new ip, and the main ip
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    Whmcs will do it for you if you use it

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    Any step by step guide

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