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    BIND DNS configuration for multiple domains

    I am using debian 6.0 on VPS, and I have connected 2 domains (that I bought from namecheap) to my server with BIND

    Everything works well on browser, ftp etc..
    But I am new to DNS and BIND so my questions are:

    1. what is the perfect setup to host for example 10 domains here and more other subdomains.

    2. Can I have new files for subdomains like, or I must enter the subdomain records in the file?

    3. In the named.conf.local in the zone "", is it a must to write the exact domain, or I can use anything I want like "web1"?

    I am building a PHP script which makes a connection with SSH and creates new subdomains or domains so I want it to make easier by creating new files for domains or subdomains or deleting them when a domain or subdomain needs to be closed.

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    As far as I know you simply have all the zone names in one file and then have separate files for each zone ( so its easy to read )

    This may help:

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