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    extract xml posted to php page from external site

    I am using an API that will automatically post to a PHP page on my server status updates. It will post the updates in XML.

    I am told that
    "Then you will make the php page to grab the status and GUID from the XML we will automatically POST to that URL. The xml will look like the example below:

    <created-at>2013-11-05 16:36:08 -0800</created-at>
    <signed-at>2013-11-05 16:46:08 -0800</signed-at>

    What I am unsure of is how would I using PHP grab the value of guid and the status value from the xml that gets posted to the page. I know this might be simple but I am unclear how to go about working with xml posted to a page on my server from an external API.

    Any suggested code snippets would be helpful
    just a programmer

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    Thanks for the reply. I guess my main question is if someone says their api will POST a XML response to a page you specify how would that mean you need to grab the xml into a php page you are making?

    When I asked the API provider their response was
    "You will probably want to parse for the <status> and then grab the <guid> to make the document details GET request."

    However that still does not help me know am I doing something like
    $xml = $_GET['XML'];

    or am I just able to do
    $guid = $_POST['guid'];
    $status = $_POST['status'];

    The api provider has no php samples so not sure how I am suppose to "grab the responses get request" ??

    Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
    just a programmer

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    If the "guid" is in xml, obviously you first must get the xml.
    Not know what api, but it should have some info to get the xml. Or to use cUrl in php to send data via post and receive the response.
    The key must be in that api.

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    Just found solution for my problem. Thank mjfroggy.

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